Building Blocks Vitamins strongly believes in healthy living. Through diet, exercise and proper nutritional supplementation, we believe every bariatric patient has the opportunity to “Build a Healthier You”.

Our vitamins are not designed for just anyone, they are bariatric specified formulated vitamins designed to aid the bariatric patient in long term nutritional success. If you have had or are planning on undergoing surgical weight loss surgery [Gastric Bypass, LapBand, or Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedures] you have taken a big step in your weight loss journey. However, your journey does not stop in the operating room. The qualities that make bariatric surgery so successful, specifically the restrictive and absorption aspects of the procedure, also create special nutritional considerations that make bariatric specified formulated vitamins an important part of your post weight loss surgery routine.

Weight loss surgery naturally creates nutritional deficiencies for a variety of reasons:

Reduced daily food intake due to the procedure making structural changes to your anatomy causing gastric restriction.

The reduced size of the gastric pouch produces negligible amounts of digestive enzymes used for the complete
digestion of certain foods. The reduced size of the gastric pouch produces minimal amounts of gastric acid and intrinsic factor which are both required for the proper absorption of vitamin B12. The stomach bypasses a portion of the gut which is necessary for the absorption of many vitamins and minerals.

Choose Bariatric Specified Formulated Vitamins
Regular daily multivitamins and/or children’s chewable supplements ARE NOT AN EFFECTIVE method of meeting the special vitamin and mineral needs of the bariatric patient. They were not designed with these specific needs in mind. Post gastric bypass surgery patients can choose bariatric specified formulated vitamins to address these concerns, and provide bariatric anemia help.

If these bariatric nutritional needs are ignored, deficiencies can occur, causing significant health complications. Conversely, if you are diligent about implementing a daily bariatric supplement routine, you will find yourself feeling healthier, happier, with more energy!