About Us


We use evidence-based science and our deep knowledge and experience of the bariatric surgical person to provide high quality, reasonably priced supplements that meet all of their unique and specialized needs. We aim to provide comprehensive and ongoing education using various platforms to enable those who have had, or will have bariatric surgery, to understand the effects of their surgery and what is required to maximize their success and optimize their health…both now, and in the future.


Bariatric Surgeon

When I started my bariatric surgical practice over 30 years ago, I knew that if I was going to do it, I needed to do it “right”. This meant that I would deliver excellent surgical technique, being one of the first people to master performing the gastric bypass using the laparoscopic approach and performing it both safely and with excellent outcomes. There was so much more that this patient population required beyond the surgical skill.  I firmly believed that safe and effective bariatric surgery would require a team of highly trained professionals that would provide guidance and support throughout their post-operative journey. Lifestyle change that the bariatric surgery patient should experience, would require a massive amount of support for the patient. I hired my team of nutritionists, exercise physiologist, psychologists, chaplain, support group leader, and nurses to support the patients that I was caring for. I was proud of the program I built and it was transforming a thousand lives each year.

Whitney Marema, APRN

Functional Medicine Certified Nurse Practitioner

Over the last 23 years, I have been committed to the care of the bariatric patient. First, as a hospital floor nurse caring for the patients in the first post-operative days, to the nurse in the office, helping coach thousands of patients through navigating their new lifestyle…and then as a nurse practitioner where I have been the sole practitioner guiding their care. I obtained the first ever “certified bariatric nurse” certification through the ASMBS and have been committed to evidence-based practice, always on the cutting edge of new research and findings and applying it to the patients that I serve. It has been a privilege to be a part of each persons’ journey of healing and lifestyle change. This journey isn’t always smooth, but my experience and empathy for each individual struggle has allowed me to become masterful at meeting people where they are and guiding them forward.